Brief overview

The Department of Services was found since the establishment of the University. The department used to follow the General Department of Administrative & Financial Affairs based on a decree issued from the Rector No. 5/2200511 dated on 2/7/1431. The department of services also used to include a number of units according to the power and specialization issue No. (10) dated on 1/7/1435. These units are:

Transportation Unit

Commuting Unit

Administrative Communication Unit

Safety and Security of the University Unit

These units and administrations undertake their works according to their specializations where they provide services to the university staff including the participation in various activities held in and outside the university. The participation includes providing all means of transportation including drivers, hydrocarbons, spare parts and maintenance.

The department of services is deemed an essential partner with the society in all occasions and activities and it provides services to faculty members, staff and students pertinent to transportation according to its ability. The range of services provided includes scientific visits, student activities, receiving and sending guests of the university from and to airports. In Juma’al Al-Awwal, 1433 a decree was issued by the general director of administrative and financial affairs to separate the department of safety and security from the department of services to be an independent department in 11/8/1435. Eventually, a decree No. 905 was issued by the Rector to separate the department of services from the general department of administrative and financial affairs and to be consolidated with the department of facilities to be known (General Facilities and Services Department starting from 11/8/1435. The department which is linked to the Vice-Rector includes sub-departments, units and divisions. Since then, the department has embarked on its duties according to the organizational structure and the directives issued from the Vice-Rector.