*  Assessment of programs and study plans in the academic departments and develop them in line with the message of the college and university, in cooperation with the Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development and university Vice Presidency for Quality and Skill Development and the relevant parties.

    *  Set new programs that commensurate with the needs of the labor market in harmony with the development plans, and the establishment of community-based partnership with the public and private sectors, with a view to improve the level of plans and study programs, and support teaching and learning process.

    *  Quantitative and qualitative expansion in the programs of higher education such as graduate studies, parallel education, rehabilitation diplomas.

    *  Develop the capacities of faculty members in teaching and learning skills through supporting and rewarding them, and create the stimulating academic environment that is supportive for excellence and creativity in learning and education.

    *  Design education technology, develop it, use it, and manage it effectively and efficiently at all theoretical, applied, and moral levels, and follow up the developments in this area, as well as the effective participation in research activities, and serve the community at the local and global levels.

    *  Draw the visions of measurement and assessment, as well as their plans, policies and objectives at the level of the college, and the dissemination of their culture through holding training courses, workshops, lectures, seminars, and diversifying the methods of measurement, and adopting modern methods in this area.

    *  Upgrade the level of student services, and procedures of admission and registration, and their mechanisms, in addition to organize tables, and test tables in a professional manner.

    *  Academic cooperation with various Vice-Deanships counterpart in the universities, and prestigious scientific institutions locally, regionally and globally; in order to achieve the quality of educational outputs.

    *  Continuous development of the academic structures , in order to serve the effective administration of the college, as well as departments and academic programs to achieve the objectives of the college in a proper way.