Message of the dean

Faculty of Education in  Majmaah takes a high position in comparison to other Colleges at the university, whether in terms of number of male and female students or in terms of its out-of-date establishment and incorporation.

The College includes a number of Departments that work hard in order to achieve its goals, and carry on the message entrusted to it. College of Education is considered as a part of a wide system that is keen to provide its programs according to the requirements  of the labor market, and provide the opportunity to join the career corps after graduation from undergraduate, especially after updating the study plans of the departments.

The College has also expanded its programs to include many of  Diplomas in Educational Science and Special Education, the situation did not stop by this, but a master program in Linguistics in the Department of Arabic Language has been launched  to be the early programs.The College seeks to move towards academic accreditation, which some of its departments have achieved fantastic results in the competition entitled "The Most Ready Programs Towards Academic Accreditation".

All that has not been achieved only with the determination of all employees towards achieving a high prominent place among the Colleges of the university,  in accordance with the guidance of His Excellency the Rector of the University,  to continue in the development of Colleges,  to reach the goals  of the College- By Allah support - Under the reign of the trustful leader of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,  King Salman bin Abdulaziz, -May Allah the Almighty keep him safe and protect him.