Vice-Dean’s Office at Female Campus

Without doubt scientific research is an indispensable factor for the development of any nation. It is also part and parcel of the university’s primary functions, and is determined by the academic programs offered by the university at the graduate level. With that in mind, and since the university’s administration, represented by the Vice-Rector’s Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, realizes its essential role as an incubator for innovative and creative ideas, the university has striven to support different research programs with the purpose of harnessing innovative capacities. As scientific research plays a significant role in improving the university rankings to be among the top world universities, the university is taking serious steps in creating an academic environment conducive for scientific research to be able to achieve its assumed role of serving the community and achieving sustainable development in light of the Kingdom’s vision 2030. Objectives of the Vice-Dean’s Office: - Create innovative and competitive academic environment conducive to researchers - Consolidate research partnerships with research institutions to contribute in supporting community and research - Increase the participation of women in research in line with the vision 2030 to achieve the sustainable development. - Responsibilities of the Vice-Dean’s Office: - Supervise and enhance female departments’ research activities inside and outside the university - Supervise the process of developing research’s strategies and plans and set out mechanisms of how to implement them - Encourage the establishment of renowned research chairs and centers - Supervise any activity related to scientific research in the female departments - Provide regular reports about the work progress and challenges of units under the vice-dean’s office - Conduct workshops and training courses in female departments to meet the needs of research. Vice-Dean for Scientific Research Dr. Huda A. Al-Barrak