Basic Sciences Research Unit


 Message from the Head:

The Basic Sciences Research Unit (BSRU) strives to encourage research in difference science areas such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science. Faculty members’ research are funded and all their needs are met to improve the quality of research at MU.

The Unit also conducts courses and seminars that help researchers to achieve the university’s goals and developmental plans.


The BSRU aims to be the first reference locally in research issues related to Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science.


The BSRU seeks to activate research movement at the university to come up with scientific solutions to problems facing the community. It also serves national development by recruiting outstanding competencies and harnessing modern technology as well as forming local and international partnerships to have a generation of Saudi researchers capable of achieving the university’s goals and development plans.


1. Encouraging researchers and faculty members to publish research in the fields of (physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and computer science).

2. Coordinate with research centers and scientific bodies in other universities to exchange experiences.

3. Form partnerships among researchers at the university to conduct joint research through an integrated database for faculty members.

4. Fund research submitted by faculty members.

5. Conduct lectures, seminars and scientific conferences at the university.



Ext: 4003 or 1120

Email:  [email protected]