Our Objectives:

- Linking research with the university’s strategic objectives and the developmental plans in the region.

- Providing a distinctive research environment that helps develop the skills of innovation and creativity, and contributes in solving the problems that equally face the university and the community.

- Supporting the distinctive research papers, theoretical or practical, along with encouraging researchers to concentrate on the kind of research that contributes to dealing with the problems of the public and the private sectors in the region.

- Coordinating the efforts of the researchers inside the university, and encouraging research that is shared among the academic departments.This may set the ground for a creative and innovative environment that helps achieve distinction.

- Contributing to the publishing of the research papers, supported by the university, in the specialized scientific journals locally and internationally, also, encouraging researchers to publish their work in the best international scientific journals through the awards of distinctive research.

- Designing an integral plan for research chairs, determining the mechanisms of activating them and the ways of introducing them to the sponsors, as well as utilizing the expertise of other universities that are pioneers in this aspect.

- Working on obtaining research scholarships from the public and private sectors so as to increase the resources of the deanship that are allocated to research, and attending conferences and seminars.