Tasks and Specializations

1- To provide full security and safety to individuals and properties inside the university buildings and facilities according to the approved plans and programs and in compliance with the regulation of specialists’ responsibilities’ of industrial safety and security works in ministries and government sectors which  is endorsed the  resolution of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior Affairs No. (10/ك/و/2/د/ف) dated on 24/4/1410.

2-  To apply the regulation of safety requirements, fire extinguishing, surveillance and alarm which should be available in classrooms, conference halls, auditoriums or buildings with equivalent activities which is endorsed the resolution of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior Affairs No. (10/ك/و/1/د/ف) dated on 23/3/1410.

3- To apply all what have been mentioned about safety and security including plans, programs and initiatives in compliance with the manual (Safety and Security Regulations, Tasks and Systems) issued by the safety committee in universities at the ministry of higher education, 1434.

4- To set detailed plans to safeguard the properties of the university including equipments and labs against potential risk.

5- To set the rules and procedures of dealing with chemical and medical materials of high risk and how to dispose them according to the rules and regulations.  

6- To supervise the works safety and security contractors and prepare monthly reports about the level of achievement in accordance with agreement to estimate the monthly payment.

7- To follow-up the security guards in all university buildings in all regions and to organize the guard shifts in a timetable during work days and holidays.

8- To regulate traffic in roads and parking lots.

9- To issue an entry permit to all university staff and visitors.

10- To set an integrated a working plan including the control of visitors access as well as employees.

11- To set the required security and traffic plans to organize the university ceremonies and events.

12- To implement the instructors of Civil Defense by setting the emergency plans for safety and security that will safeguard the university buildings during emergency.

13- To check the safety and security equipment in all buildings and facilities and conducting regular visits to ensure the availability applicability of safety measures as well as their effectiveness.   

14- To coordinate constantly with the Presidency of Methodology and Environment and forwarding the reports to the university officials to take necessary actions.

15- To coordinate with Civil Defense and Police as well as all respected sectors during emergency cases that can’t be delayed and must be reported to the university immediately.

16-  To prepare all the necessary plans of receiving ambulatory cases to government hospitals in coordination with hospitals and civil defense.

17- To put guidance and awareness signboards pertinent to safety, security and traffic.

18- To develop the field work with regard to performance enhancement required by the department and provide proposals that will enhance the performance in constant basis.

19- To supply and maintain the safety and security equipments of the university buildings and facilities.

20- To study and develop the system of safety and security at the university.

21- To manage all the safety and security operations at the university to avoid the occurrence of accidents.   

22- To conduct initial investigation for accidents that occur in the university; either reported by the university officials of discovered by the department of safety and security.

23- To establish a database of information about the university in the field of safety and security including individuals and equipments.

24- To set and implement the fire preventive requirements as well as distributing fire-fighting equipment in their proper places.

25- To organize the works of fire-fighting, rescue, ambulance and evacuation in all cases and conditions and specifying the required equipments and measures for such cases.

26- To prepare the required reports about the university in the field of safety and security and submit them on regular basis.

27- To prepare regular reports about the departments including the achievement, future plans and major obstacles.

28 - Any other tasks related to the department.