Rabi Al-Thani 1442
28 November 2020

Executive secretariat unit of the Rector’s Office

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General Goal: To organize, follow up, and manage the committees, boards and meetings associated with the office of His Excellency the Rector. Furthermore, the unit plays a major role in carrying out the routine duties and ensuring the implementation of the adopted system. Tasks:

1- To follow up and manage all tasks of the committees, boards and meetings associated with the Rector , in accordance with the directives of the adviser and director of the Rector’s Office.

2- To follow up the Rector’s directives regarding tasks of committees, boards and meetings, as well as to ensure the progress of work, and submit reports in that regard.

3- To prepare andfollow up the agenda of all committees, boards and meetings in order to assure the flow of work. 4-To oversee the e-system of the committees and boards and contact directly through that, upon the directives of the adviser and general supervisor of the Rector’s Office.

5- To keep all documents of committees and boards works secured and easy for retrieval

6- To edit and print the letters related to all works of committees, boards and meetings.

7- To follow-up the implementation of the recommendations of committees, boards and meetings, after the reports being adopted by His Excellency the Rector with the same committees and boards along with all university departments.

8- To receive and send the incoming emails of committees and boards work, submit them to the specialist, categorize and keep documents after being submitted.

9- To prepare reports of committees and boards chaired by His Excellency and coordinate with them.