Ramadan 1439
26 May 2018

Last Modified Thu, 2017/08/10 - 12:30

Academic Affairs Report Reflect On the Growth of Academic Projects In Support Of Creativity and Excellence

A report issued by the Public Relations Unit at the University Vice-Rector’s Office for Academic Affairs reflects a large number of statistical indicators that have had implications for the development of academic performance at the university over the past 3 years. In this regard, the University Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, said, “The recently-released statistical report with its accurate and detailed information confirms the ongoing efforts in the development of our performance.” “Improving the level of relevant reports is also our priority here on campus,” he added. This approach supports the University strategy and contributes to the realization of the 2030 vision of the Kingdom as well as enhancement of the educational, psychological and social environment in support of creativity and excellence. Dr. Al-Rumaih appreciated the great support of the university Rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqrin, which has contributed to the development of performance in various fields. Meanwhile, he also emphasized self-evaluation and continuation of quality procedures along with the application of its operations for the best of the University