The official Speech

The Department of Legal Affairs plays an indispensable role in ensuring the legality of workflow and services provided by department. The Department is also considered as an act of safety to any official with regard to the tasks assigned to him/her. On the one hand, the Department participates in preparing and drafting regulations, providing legal advice, adopting decisions and regulations, conducting administrative contracts, agreements, or memorandum of understanding and legal studies. On the other hand, the Department follows up on the legality of the applicable rules, regulations and administrative decisions and ensures their proper implementation. The Department's significance also lies in the legal consultations provided for all bodies and departments of the University with regard to the applicability of the rules and regulations. Therefore, the Department exert every effort to inform all University employees of their rights and duties toward the University so as to promote the culture of rights and duties and legal culture in general. The Department also seeks, with its specialized staff, to provide technical and accurate consultations in all the subjects related to legal affairs. The Department, led by Director of the Department of Legal Affairs Mr. AbdulAziz Bin Abdullah Alhammad,  .