Project Management:

Is the use of knowledge, skill and tools, according to the method, or the methodology to guide the project activities to meet its requirements and achieve its objectives.


Relationship of the project management to strategic planning:

Projects are only means to achieve the strategic plan objectives of the university, and accordingly, caring for the management of those projects properly maintained to ensure:
• completing projects on time
• completion of projects using the specified cost
• completion of projects in accordance to the identified quality
This will, definitely, lead to the success of the Strategic Plan and achieve its objectives.


Project Management Office PMO:

It Is a centralized section or department within the constitution that aims to unify the project management criteria in accordance with the approved methodology and unified framework that help all those involved in project management to understand the methodology, to follow those standards, and facilitate the process of communication between them. This will also help the decision makers to optimum exploitation of all available human and financial resources at the constitution, and enhance their abilities to make appropriate decisions in a timely manner by providing a complete picture about the following:


  1. Overflow and functioning of these projects.

  2. Any problems that arise during any phase of the project.

  3. It also provide performance measurement indicators (KPI) that will help to measure the performance of those projects and the performance of the executing companies, as well as implemented by the performance of the staff working on them.