- Follow up on collecting the university's alternative revenues and transferring them to the aggregation account.

- Prepare the annual draft budget for projects and items spent on the alternative revenue account before being submitted to MU rector for approval by the University Council at the beginning of each fiscal year.

- Submit a quarterly periodic report of the aggregate account balance including assets and expenses.



- Review regularly the aggregate account of alternative revenues to ensure that the standards of control and accuracy are met.

- Manage the process of transferring from the aggregate account to the expense account.

- Suggest development plans in the field of alternative revenue for the university.

- Coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to have access to alternative revenues.

- Follow up with the Unit in charge of the expense account at the Institute of Studies and Consulting Services regarding the projects for further actions including awarding, approval, and disbursement in accordance with the practice.

- Undertake any other responsibility assigned within the Administration's field.