Environmental Impact Assessment of Laboratories

Environmental impact assessment for the scientific colleges at the University of Majmaa using environmental management systems The environmental impact assessment of a project aims at assessing the effects resulting from this project on the environment and then identifying the necessary measures to reduce the negative impacts of it on the environment to achieve the goals of sustainable environmental development. The Environmental impact assessment can be more closely studied on smaller and existing projects, as in our current study. The current EIA study is based on the scientific colleges of Majmaa University, particularly the laboratories within these colleges, to identify and monitor the environmental elements and the size of waste through environmental monitoring using the environmental register. These elements and damage are classified in attempt to avoid or reduce the harm and mitigate the negative effects This may require the involvement of experts in the field of environmental sciences and other disciplines based on the size and nature of the problem. This also requires field visits to document the work inside laboratories and the surrounding areas and then try to predict the changes that will be made by laboratories in the environment of the college and then the surrounding university environment in order to seek to mitigate the impact of laboratory waste and how to get rid of them in a safe manner. The environmental impact assessment is not limited to examining the impact of the project in its final form, but rather examines the damage caused by it and the equipment used since the initial start of the work. Moreover, it also examines the impact of the used machinery and the waste it receives such as the various kinds of laboratory waste.