Community E-learning Training” Idea of the project: - It is a bus with a redesigned interior cabin in a manner that accommodates the services to be provided, and which is also equipped with various e-learning technologies, such as computers, a smart board, some training programs as well as other equipment. These buses will also be equipped with qualified training and administrative cadres, and will scour different villages and hamlets to serve the members of the target population in the geographic scope of the University. Mission: - To equip community members with the skills to deal with modern technology, and to fulfill their needs of continuing education                                                                     Target group: - 1. Teaching and administrative staff, and students in schools of remote villages; 2. members of the local community covered by the University services. The general objectives of community mobile

services: - 1. to provide community service by spreading the culture of e-learning and distance learning practices

2. to increase the effectiveness of communication between the University and the community;

3. to achieve the goals of the University strategic plan in the light of its third function, represented by community service;

4. to raise the cultural and scientific level of the target group members;

5. to provide a suitable educational environment for the development of the students' thinking skills through inquiry and exploration;

6. to fulfill the needs of students and those with special needs of the appropriate sources of learning that meet their characteristics;

7. to encourage the learners to participate actively in the teaching and learning processes;

8. to help the teacher to link the experiences of different teaching and learning situations to the available educational sources in the E-learning Units;

9. to prepare the learners for positive interaction with the advancing technology and its successive educational applications;

10. to provide training and awareness opportunities not only to learners in educational institutions, but also to the public members of the surrounding communities of those institutions to acquire the skills and use smart devices in e-learning;

11. To provide an appropriate and attractive training environment for the members of the target group in order to increase the demand for distance education programs in Saudi universities.