Message from the Supervisor





The process of continuous development is a main feature of dynamic organizations as it sets in motion a state of dynamism transforming the organization into a continuous dynamism.

One of the leading developmental initiatives set and supervised by the Ministry is the new university system. The aim of this system is to develop universities and transform them to be more independent and can generate revenue.

As a practical step, the Ministry has amended the financial regulation of universities, particularly the article on alternative revenues for universities.

Majmaah University is working closely in alignment with the development trends led by the Ministry of Education on the one hand, and those led by the university from within it on the other hand. MU has even taken a step in the right direction by establishing an administration for alternative revenues” to run all issues related to the alternative revenue at the university.

We, in the General Administration of Alternative Revenues, strive to collaborate with the university’s development efforts to be at the forefront in implementing all development plans of the Ministry.


Dr. Faisal Al-Mutairi

Supervisor of the General Administration of Alternative Revenues