Road Traffic Safety Awareness Club ‘Salik’

Following the late royal decree issued by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud to allow women to drive in the Kingdom which came into force on 24th June, 2018, Majmaah University has played a pioneer role to serve the university staff and community members by establishing a Road Traffic Safety Awareness Club ‘Salik’. The major aim of the Club is to both educate and familiarize the community members with the importance of road safety and minimize the cause of accidents using a variety of approaches. The Road Traffic Safety Awareness Club ‘Salik’ provides courses that teach road users the traffic rules and signs. The Club also offers tests on driving which if it was passed successfully, the applicant is issued a certificate to prove her capability of driving. Moreover, the Club has an Interactive Driving Simulator Center which is a virtual 3D environment designed for teaching safe driving practices.