Supervisor of Vice-Dean's Office


Dr. Asmaa Muhammad Abdullah Al-Qutaim


Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Science Education at the College of Education, Majmaah University


- Bachelor's degree in Biology
- Master’s and PhD in Education, specializing in (Curriculum and Teaching Methods “Science”)

Administrative tasks:


- Assistant Vice Dean of the College of Education for Educational Affairs (4/20/1436 AH - 4/7/1437 AH)
- Head of the Excellence in Teaching and Learning Unit at the College of Education in Majmaah (4/20/1436 AH - 4/7/1437 AH)
- Supervisor of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Female Student Affairs (12/27/1441 AH - Present)
- Vice-Chairman of the Student Advisory Council for female students (12/27/1441 AH- Present)

Memberships at the university:


- Member of the Disciplinary Subcommittee at the College of Education for Girls in Majmaah (11/1/1435 AH - 4/7/1437 AH)
- Member of the Scholarship Affairs Unit at the College of Education in Majmaah (11/1/1435 AH - 4/7/1437 AH)
- Member of the Academic Schedules Unit in the Department of Educational Sciences (1/1/1441 AH - 12/27/1441 AH)
- Member of the Coordinating Council for Female Students’ Departments (12/27/1441 AH. - Present)
- Member of the Study Schedules Committee for the Master’s Program (Curriculum and Teaching Methods) (11/3/1442 AH - Present)

Memberships outside the university:


- Member of the Cultural Council at Munira Al-Mulhim Library, affiliated with Dar Al-Rahmaniyah in -Ghat, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairi Cultural Center branch.
- Member of the Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences (Justin).
- Member of the Egyptian Society for Curricula and Teaching Methods, Ain Shams University.
- Member of the Master’s Advisory Committee in the Department of Educational Sciences  at the College of Education, Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.



1. A study based on the master’s research, “Evaluating the teaching performance of secondary school biology teachers in Majmaah Governorate in light of the requirements of the knowledge economy,” Journal of the First International Conference of the College of Education, “Future Horizons,” 2015.
2. “Evaluating the content of the science book for the first intermediate grade in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in light of the concepts of nanotechnology”, Journal of the Fourth International Scientific Conference (25th of the Egyptian Curricula and Teaching Methods Association) Towards a Radical Change in the Visions and Strategies of Developing Educational Curricula 2016 AD.
3. A joint study with Dr. Maha Al-Kaltham titled “The Reality of the Contribution of the Exhibition and the International Forum for Public Education to the Professional Development of the Future Teacher in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, published in Teacher Conference, Development Requirements and Future Ambition, 2019.
4. A joint study with His Excellency Professor Dr. Khaled Al-Khuzaim entitled “A proposed teaching model for university teaching in light of the principles of active learning”, Fourth International Conference of the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University 2020 AD.
5. A study entitled “The extent to which concepts of environmental security are included in the content of middle school science textbooks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. Journal of Educational Sciences at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Issue (26), Part One, 2021 AD.
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7. A study entitled “The effectiveness of a proposed electronic training program on controversial moral and ethical issues in developing moral thinking skills among female student teachers majoring in biology at the College of Education”, published in the book of the Modern Trends in Educational Sciences Conference at the College of Education at the University of Hail, Issue (1), 2021 AD.
8. A book entitled “Nanotechnology, the Present and the Future, an Enrichment Program for the Gifted.” 2020 AD, Dammam: Dar Al-Mutanabbi.

Training skills:


- Certified trainer from the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training
- Certified trainer in intellectual security from the Debono Think Tank
- Certified trainer in the Effective Education Program (STEP) from the  Family Counseling Center at Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman --  -University and the Women’s Committee for Community Development in the Riyadh region.
-Trainer in the field of spreading nanotechnology culture for teachers and students.