Professional Certificates Department


This department is responsible for setting and implementing policies and procedures related to enabling university employees to obtain professional certificates, monitoring the achievement of goals and performance indicators, activating benchmarking at the college level, and reporting to the authorities.


Organizational connection:

This department is connected with the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs.



To be a pioneering university in empowering its employees to obtain high-quality professional certificates that meet the needs of the labor market.



Create an innovative, stimulating and supportive environment that help trainees to obtain accredited professional certificates that combine both academic knowledge and practical knowledge, and allow them to be competitive in the labor market.



- Spreading the culture and importance of professional certificates, and helping students to write a CV that matches with the requirements of the labor market

- Setting a plan consistent with the university’s plan that provides students with professional certificates that back their CV.

- Selecting professional certificates that align with the college programs and courses

- Increasing the number of students, graduates, and employees that hold professional certificates.

- Implementing, following up and analyzing professional certification reports 

- Forming partnership with institutions that offer certificates or specialized professional courses.

- Following up on the latest developments about professional certificates, and updating the plans and targets in line with the demand of labor market.