The establishment of the Deanship of the Postgraduate Studies coincided with the foundation of the Majmaah University in 1430Ah, as one of the key components of the university and the hub of communication between the university and the scientific and research institutions at home and abroad and the starting point of the university to reach to the outside world. As such, it is the most essential component  of the university given its close association with the rehabilitation of researchers in various scientific fields that contribute to the improvement of the society through the activation of the mechanisms of development in various fields and the work to find solutions that confronts the community, as well as its role in enriching the various human knowledge through the specialized studies which are among its interest; hence making of it an effective contribution in the development of our country and a participation in the addressing the our social and cultural issues.

              Besides, with HE the Rector’s serious guidance, the Deanship has sought to activate its role to serve the society at large, taking into account the necessity of the labor market and the social and the cultural, and the economic changes in the kingdom, through the compatibility between the offered programs in the postgraduate studies and the requirements and the development of the labor market, guided, in all this, By the future vision of the university in achieving its noble mission, and taking into account the quality standards adopted by the National Commission for Assessment and Accreditat.