1. To put the projects forward for competition after reviewing their corresponding terms and conditions to get the best technical and financial deals then analyze and evaluate them.

2. To supervise the projects then initially receiving them from contractors after completion and deliver them to the intended beneficiary and maintenance management to start their maintenance.

3. The Development and renewal of the information center through project management and which contains the documents of the fulfilled projects and lists of contractors and consultants who are invited to enter the competition.

4. To deal with the demands and queries of the various parties inside or outside the university regarding the projects.

5. To cooperate with the Legal Department in its defense before the Board of grievances in the cases raised against the university.

6. To set up committees to evaluate and study the offers proposed to execute the university projects.

7. To propose the committees’ names for initial and final delivery of the fulfilled projects.

8. to Submit a quarterly report on the accomplished projects and expenditures on all projects during that period.

9. to Participate in the preparation of the university requirements for projects and working on their plans and budget.

10. The Development and training of the administration staff through specialized courses in order to improve their skills and abilities.

11. The Preparation of the technical and engineering studies and designs.

12. To look for the technical obstructions that may face the implementation of some projects and find appropriate solutions.

13. To visit the sites of the projects that are being implemented.

14. To audit and review the financial extracts.