Staff of the Office

e-mail Extension Job title Name
[email protected] 1181 Vice-Rector for Student Affairs   Dr. Jawaher Abdelrahman Al-Omar
[email protected] 3626 Supervisor of Vice-Rector’s Office

Ghadeer Hamad Al-Attya


[email protected] 2852  Head of Vice-Rector’s Office

Noora Ahmed Al-Sheneify


[email protected] 2889  Head the Department Tamader Abdelmohsen Al-Mejel
b.alas[email protected] 5807 Educational Affairs


Budur Bandar Al-Askar


[email protected] 5825   Coordinator of Risk Management

Amal Mohammed Al-Thumairi


[email protected]  3698   Coordinator of PR


Haifa Fahad Al-Thumairi


[email protected]