On behalf of the minister of education, Prof. Hamad Al-Shaikh, and in the presence of vice-rectors, deans and the general secretary of universities affairs council, Dr. Mohammed Al-Saleh, MU rector, Prof. Saleh Al-Mizil chaired the tenth meeting of the university council for the academic year 1443 AH. 

The General Secretary of the Council, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, pointed out that several items on the agenda were addressed including seeking approval to a number of issues such as reforming the council of Deanship of Scientific Research,  a number of decisions related to sabbatical leaves and contract extension for faculty members, student activities' plan for upcoming year, awarding degrees to bachelor's and Master's graduates and transforming to 3-year academic system.   

The council members also discussed a suggestion submitted about the reformation of the editorial board of the Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the proposal of the editorial board of the Journal of Health Sciences.

The council members were updated about the scholarship and training decisions, as well as the recommendations of the Scientific Council regarding the appointment of a number of faculty members to the post of assistant professor.

At the end of the meeting, the rector extended his thanks to the council members for their active role in improving the quality of the university outcomes.

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