Precautionary measures finalized by Administration prior exams

Following the series of precautionary measures implemented by the university to fight Covid-19, the General Administration of Occupational Health and Environment is working tirelessly, in cooperation with the General Administration for Security to increase the points of optical screening.  

The aim of these points is to check masks are put on properly, social distance is exercised and ‘Tawaklna’ applications is active. Anyone seen to show Covid-19 symptoms is referred to the Department of Medical Services.

Safety measures were also implemented in classrooms, prayer areas, lift and sanitizers and masks were provided to all points at the university facilities.  

The director general of the GAOHE, Mr. Sami Al-Mutairi, extended his thanks to MU rector, Dr. Al-Muqren and the vice-rector, Prof. Al-Dosari, for following up and supporting the administration to ensure the safety of the university staff.


Last modified
Wednesday, 14/July/2021