A seminar held by Women Committee for Social Development on “Saudi Sports: a platform for peace and culture exchange and development force"

The Social Responsibility Observatory held a seminar, in cooperation with the Women Committee for Social Development (WCSD), Family Affairs Committee and Al-Faisaly Sports Club, entitled “Saudi Sports: a platform for peace and culture exchange and development force”.

The seminar was launched by commending the role of WCSD, particularly the chairman Princess Nora Al-Saud for her interest in such developmental topics.

The first topic entitled “Saudi woman and sports” was addressed by Ms. Adwa Al-Oraify who talked about the unprecedented progress and achievements of Saudi sports over the past year, particularly in engaging Saudi women in sports.

Dr. Fawaz Al-Anizi addressed the second topic entitled “sports practices and inculcating citizenship values” which focused on the extent to which empowering positive sports practices have contributed in correcting negative sports practices.

The third topic entitled “Saudi sports: peace vision and global citizenship” was delivered by Dr. Mudlej Al-Louboon and tackled the role of sports institutions as incubators for youths in inculcating the value of global citizenship.

The fourth topic’s title was “Saudi sports and goals of UN for sustainable development” and was addressed by Dr. Ayman Al-Barakati who said that Saudi sports should highlight the positive concepts embedded in UN’s goals for sustainable development.

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Wednesday, 07/April/2021