In the presence of the vice-rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, the General Administration for Organizational Development (GAOD), in cooperation with the General Administration for Legal Affairs, held a meeting entitled “Correction of some procedural practices”. The meeting targets deanships and administrations that deal with beneficiaries from outside the university.

The director of the GAOD, Mr. Khalid Al-Dhiaby, launched the meeting by highlighting the goals and expected outcomes of the meeting, thanking all sectors that took place in the meeting.

Prof. Al-Dosari, the vice-rector, mentioned in his speech the plan of the GAOD and the positive aspects it.

The main speaker in this meeting, Mr. Abdelrazzaq Abanmi, listed some of the common procedural mistakes, their cause, and the best way of correcting them.

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Wednesday, 21/April/2021