Full Legal Initiative

The Manager of the Legal Department at Majmah University Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hammad issued an administrative decision to activate the full legal counsel initiative in conjunction with the adoption of "the Guide of Rulings and Procedures for Complaints and Lawsuits, representing the Legal Department and the University" according to the formula attached in the decision.

The initiative and the Guide support the efforts to develop the work performance in the Legal Department in line with the third strategic plan of the University, the development of academic accreditation gains, and the completion of the tasks of the consultants and legal researchers at the Department in order to achieve quality and equal opportunity.

Mr. Hammad pointed out that the initiative and the Guide conform to the organizational and the procedural Guide of the Department. It improves the work of the legal consultants and researchers in the Department in line with Cabinet Resolution NO. 713 for 1438, which aims for the development of the Department along with its staff members.

The Guide has been introduced in 1440, and full legal counsel functions have been activated.

On behalf of the Department staff, Mr. Hammad expressed his sincere thanks to MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al Muqrin, for his unlimited support of the Department in order to achieve its mission.

He also thanked the staff members for their work in the service of the Department and the University, wishing them the best of luck.

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Saturday, 09/November/2019