Department of Safety and Security at Hafer Al-Batin University visit MU

Mr. Abdelrahman Al-Abdeljabbar, Director of the General Department of University Security, received the Director of Safety and Security Administration at Hafer Al-Batin University, Mr. Sa’ad Al-Ghatani along with his team.
During the visit, tasks and roles of departments at both universities were highlighted along with mutual common issues. MU’s experience in a number of matters was also discussed such as preparing and implementing the operational plan of the Department of Safety and Security was also addressed, the contract of security guard’s recruitment, human resources work and different administrative and technical procedures related to university security.
At the end of the visit, Mr. Al-Ghatani extended his thanks to MU represented by General Department of University Security for the wonderful cooperation and hospitality.

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Friday, 30/August/2019