Vice-Rector's Office conducts a number of specialised workshops to support good citizenship values

Under the auspices of MU rector, Prof. Al-Mizil, the Vice-Rector's Office for Student Affairs conducted a number of workshops specialized in developing and supporting the values of good citizenship as part of the (Civilized Saudi Women) initiative. The workshops were presented over three weeks and were attended by 215 staff.

The first workshop entitled (The Values of good citizenship and its reflection on the University and national society) was presented by Dr. Thuraya Al-Saif.

The second workshop was presented by Dr. Muzna Al-Bahlal, and entitled: (Good Citizenship, a conceptual perspective and Requirements)

The third workshop entitled: (Good Citizenship Behavior, Reality, and Ambition) was presented by Dr. Arwa Al-Salman.

All workshops dealt with the importance of good citizenship and its fruitful impact on the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

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Saturday, 19/August/2023