Message from the Supervisor

مكتب تحقيق الرؤية وكيل الجامعة

The Kingdom’s vision 2030 is an ongoing process of development which aims to allow Saudi to be the core of Arab and Islamic world, pioneering investment power and the hub connecting three continents. To that end, the Kingdom’s vision 2030 acts as a transformation for the reality of Saudi society and its different institutions.

The Vision is built around three themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation; each of the three themes is subsumed by sub-themes, all of which are integrated with each other to harness the basis of this vision and achieve the goals adopted by the vision.

Given the fact that the university is one of those sectors who are expected to contribute to the achievement of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, MU set up the Vision Realization Office which is associated directly with the Rector’s Office and supervised by the vice-rector.  

A special team was assigned to follow-up the role of the university in achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and participate in all activities, programs and events relate to the vision and implemented by concerned sectors.
several programs and events related to the vision realization were launched by MU solely or in cooperation with concerned sectors.

By launching the vision realization office, the university hopes that this portal would contribute to highlight the university’s efforts in the vision realization and become a channel of communication with the university departments.


Prof. Musallam al-Dosari

Vice-Rector & Supervisor of Vision Realization Office