Message from the Director

Praise is to Allah and Mohammad (peace be upon him) is his messenger. Majmaah University is proud to be among the early universities and government agencies in Saudi Arabia that established the internal audit administration in accordance with the council of minister decree no. 235, on 20/8/1425 which stipulates in the 2nd article the establishment of internal control units in every sector that is subsumed under the General Audit Bureau. The direct reference for the director of this unit is highest authority of that sector. The unified regulation of the internal control unit issued by the council of minister No. 129 on 6/4/1428 is the main reference for government sectors. It primarily intends to Protecting the public property and reducing the occurrence of fraud and errors, Ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and accounting records, Ensuring the effectiveness of all administrative and financial processes in a way that utilizes optimally the available resources, Ensuring that all sectors are abiding by the regulations, policies and plans so they are able to achieve their objectives properly and Ensuring the effectiveness of the internal audit system. The Internal Audit Administration strives to make Majmaah University one of the best universities in the field of auditing in compliance with the directives of His Excellence the Rector.