- Integrate with the administrative system to improve the level of performance and efficiency of staff.
- Inculcate the principles of respect, and discipline, and abide by the values and standards of professionalism.
- Create a friendly environment ideal for work. 
- Enhance the spirit of professional and academic affiliation for all university employees and teamwork.
- Strengthen communication ties and partnership and cooperation between the university and other governmental and private sectors.
- Achieve the highest standards of quality and professionalism in planning, preparing, and organizing various occasions and events held within the university.
- Representing the university in external events.
- Introducing the university's colleges, activities, facilities, projects, achievements, and services.
- Contribute to providing a variety of services to the community (educational, awareness-raising, social, charitable, cultural, and health) through advanced and continuous programs.
- Device a mechanism that makes it easier for beneficiaries and visitors to complete their work remotely or at the university. 
- Oversee the society's opinion, perceptions, and observations about the university and its colleges, and report to officials.

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