Obstacles and problems

- The main theater and halls in colleges and female sections lack the necessary audio and visual equipment compatible with the modern technology systems in theater management.

 - Lack of qualified cadres specialized in the following: 1- the design of publications of all kinds: (paper, banners, stands, plates) with the latest software.

 2- Film production. 3- Theater management. 4- Directing. 5- Filming. 6- News Editing and news reporting. 7- Public relations, with the necessary skills in dealing with prestigious characters

 – The need to establish an integrated studio for directing, filming, production, and broadcast via contracting with a specialized company, which will be responsible for equipping, operating and maintaining the studio, as well as training staff and technicians from the university employees to manage and operate the studio for a year or two.

- Lack of digital storage space for university data files consisting of pictures and documentary films of various university events for archiving and safekeeping.

 - Lack of further equipment required by the Department of Public Relations such as recording cameras, modern printers and copy machines, which will help the Department achieve many of its tasks.

- Lack of an entertainment center in the University that organizes various programs and events for all employees of the university, including social and recreational programs that increase their sense of belonging to the University, strengthen the bonds of relationships, and create a fun and appropriate family environment for them.

- Frequent technical problems such as slow Internet connection, which disrupts many of the Department’s tasks, and delays news posting and uploading photos.

- The method of transferring content from the old e-services portal to the new one was buggy and caused the loss of a lot of data.

- Advances paid to the Department are below actual expenses of special occasions and events.

 - Commissioning the Department to organize celebrations, participate in events, and provide gifts for guests or delegates without providing the necessary budget for such events.

- Delay in reporting some internal and external events to the Department of Public Relations by some parties in the University, which affects negatively the coordination and media coverage of such events.


- Not notifying the Management Department in advance with the needs of Units at the University; including the gifts, printed materials and requirements of external participation, in order to pre-prepare them sufficiently.

 - Since the University provides stands, banners, large signs for different occasions, tables, chairs, exhibition equipment, gifts for conferences, participation, guests and visitor and a large amount of printed materials to be distributed later, these supplies need a suitable storage place. Therefore, there is a crucial need for a warehouse in campus of at least 20 m× 20 m and 4 m height, for the supplies of the Public Relations and Media Department in University.