The Vice-Rector’s Speech

وكيل الجامعة للشؤن التعليمية

The Speech of the University vice President for Educational Affairs All praise be to Allah who taught man what he never knew, and peace be upon the leader of teachers, our prophet Mohammad. The University vice Presidency for Educational Affairs seeks to enhance the quality of academic programs in the university through supporting faculties and providing excellent services that enable female and male students to acquire knowledge and master different skills the labor market requires. The University vice Presidency for Educational Affairs works on developing the level of provided academic services and enhancing the educational process and following-up its flow by supervising faculties and administration affiliated with, guiding them to achieve the university objectives and following preparing and executing the annual plans for the affiliated bodies. As first priority, the university vice Presidency is planning to provide a suitable environment for the educational process through providing all the financial resources and workforce to offer excellent education services, supervising all the services and equipments in addition to attracting excellent qualified cadres to meet the needs of academic programs in all fields. the university vice Presidency is so keen that all the academic programs must be excellent to meet all the needs of the labor market and fit the development plans by supervising the processes of designing the academic plans and programs, preparing forms and guides that achieve excellent performance, coordinating with relevant bodies to organize workshops and training courses in the field of developing academic plans and programs. We take this chance to express our thanks and appreciation to his highness the University Rector who always pushes us to accomplish the highest standards of international quality in education and learning in order for our products to be well-educated and competitive to meet all the needs of the comprehensive development plans in the Kingdom.


The University vice Presidenct for Educational Affairs

Prof: Mohammed Al-Aboudi