About the Department

The program was set up based on a decision issued by the Higher Education Council on 27/8/1428 AH under the College of Administrative Sciences and Humanities of King Saud University at Majmaah branch. The Department of Accounting was launched at the beginning of the academic year 1430/1429 AH. During the academic year 1434/1433 AH, the name of the college was changed to be the College of Business Administration, and the Accounting Department became one of the departments at the College of Business Administration in Majmaah University. In the same year, the University Council approved to set up a section for students at male campus in Zulfi. In 1436 AH, the University Council approved to establish a section for students at female campus in Majmaah.

The Department of Accounting  is one of the essential disciplines for all industrial, commercial and agricultural institutions which makes the demand for accounting is always high. Moreover, the accounting program is in line with the general educational policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and considered to be one of the specializations required by the labor market. The accounting profession entertains a prestigious and prominent position in all societies with professional bodies being established to regulate the profession policies.