Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs

Dr. Yousef Al-Raheemi

The Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs is a faculty member in the college who is assigned to supervise the course of the educational process at the undergraduate level as well as implementing approved policies and programs in the field of educational services.

He is associated with the Dean of the College and is a member of the College Council.

1- Supervising the study plans in the college and its scientific departments.

2- Creating an appropriate scientific environment.

3- Setting study timetables and supervising the teaching load of faculty members and the like.

4- Following up on the college's needs for faculty members. 

5- Contributing to raising the efficiency of faculty members in teaching.

6- Supervising the provision of educational equipment suitable for the educational environment, and ensuring that they are used properly for teaching purposes.

7- Following up on the development of educational facilities.

8- Providing learning resources and study references in various disciplines at the college in coordination with the relevant authorities.

9- Developing evaluation methods and tools.

10- Organizing and documenting student examination procedures and evaluating their academic levels.

11- Preparing a comprehensive report on the course of study and academic performance in the college, and submitting it to the college's dean.