Administrative and Financial Affairs

Faculty members Affairs Unit

Attend faculty members’ affairs and the like, and follow-up their administrative affairs with the competent authorities.

         Coordinate with the Deanship of Faculty   Members Affairs on all matters related to employment.

Coordinate the process of granting regular and emergency leave to faculty members, lecturers and teaching assistants.


Staff Affairs Unit

  1. Supervise the personnel affairs at the college.
  2. 2. - Follow up the administrative affairs of the personnel with the competent authorities.
  3. 3. - Monitor personnel and their commitment to work and submit when they report to work or request a leave.


Financial Affairs Unit

  1. Supervise the college's financial affairs.
  2. 2. - Supervise the accounting unit and prepare financial plans.
  3. 3. - Follow up the college and its employees’ advances and follow up their payment.
  4. 4. - Supervise the receipt and disbursement of the payment of employees.

Warehouse and Custody Unit

  1. Supervise warehouses, consumables and custody of all kinds.
  2. 2. - Disburse and receive the custody, supplies and consumables of all kinds for the college's employees.
  3. 3. - Receive and distribute equipment and furniture to the units and employees of the college.
  4. 4. – Regulate the transactions of custody.
  5. 5. - Communicate with the competent authorities at the university regarding warehouses, consumables, and all kinds of covenants.


Supporting Services Unit

  1. Follow up on the college's technical needs.
  2. 2. - Follow up on the needs of the college in terms of maintenance, cleaning, safety and security.
  3. 3. - Coordinate with the relevant authorities at the university.