Rabi Al-Thani 1442
28 November 2020

Last Modified Sat, 2017/07/01 - 09:51

* Nominating a public relations coordinator in every college in regard to the college activities.
* Checking the University general appearance periodically and notifying concerned officials about any remarks.
* Distribution of the Public Relations Department's email to all colleges and officials.
* Setting up a comprehensive data base for all employees in the University for easy communication with them.
* Mobile SMS was made available for all University employees so they can send news, resolutions, directives, congratulations, invitations, meetings dates and coverage of events in the University.

* Providing information about the University for the Online Portal.
* Providing complete information and statistics about the University and make them available for all media apparatus.
* Communicating with all deanships and departments and provide them with services that are within specialization of the Public Relations.
* Photos of our country leaders were made available for all offices of the University officials.
* The Kingdom flags and University flags, in different sizes, were made available for all offices of the University officials.
* Displaying files were made available for offices of the University officials
* The new Hijri Calendars were made available and distributed inside and outside the University.
* Development of relations, strengthening communication links and boosting partnership and cooperation between the University and government and private bodies and organizations, companies and other educational institutions through exchange of visits and services.  
* Establishing a comprehensive data base and lists of employees and their addresses and numbers in ministries, universities, provinces and government departments for easy communication with them.
* Representing the University in the social week meetings, general occasions, celebrations and meetings with representatives of government and private bodies in and outside Al Majmaa Province.
* Responding to all letters of congratulations and special compliments in publications sent to H.E University Rector.
* Delivering all University publications to the government departments and senior officials.
* Listing public and private occasions for individuals and government and private bodies and preparing cards and telegrams of congratulations, invitations and condolences and making response to what we received in this respect.
* Mobile messages were sent to the University employees and senior officials congratulating them on national occasions and Eids.
* Participation in the first Arab meeting on the best practices in public relations and corporate communication which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
* Participation in the integrated training course on public relations, protocol and electronic information which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
* Receiving visitors and providing to them direction, guidance and information services and all University's publications and any forms they may need.
* Receiving inquiries, proposals and remarks and forwarding them to the concerned officials in the University.
* Providing special services to elderly customers and those with special needs and accompany them, if necessary, around departments and deanships of the University in order to facilitate completion of their transactions.
* To pass to University officials proposals concerning reception of customers and their remarks.