Dean's Message



In the context of Al-Majma'ah University's commitment to leadership, excellence, and comprehensive quality, a decision was issued to establish the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development on (9/3/1431). Since its establishment, the deanship has been carrying out its tasks in alignment with Al-Majma'ah University's vision and mission, as well as the national transformation projects and Vision 2030. Its mission is to enhance the university's academic and administrative mission, strengthen the learning outcomes, governance, and promote values of integrity and transparency. The deanship ensures the implementation of the highest approved standards in these areas.

The deanship strives to achieve the highest levels of quality and performs its tasks in continuous coordination with the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment. It works to implement its standards in quality and development through ambitious strategic plans that have enabled the university to obtain institutional accreditation and several of its academic programs have received program accreditation. The deanship also meets the expectations of other programs to achieve academic accreditation. This contributes to improving the learning outcomes of university graduates and enable them to compete locally, regionally, and internationally, thus reinforcing confidence in the university's outputs and positively impacting its reputation both within and outside the Kingdom.

The deanship has taken special interest in promoting a culture of quality among the university's staff and enhancing its practice through continuous educational programs and well-defined policies. It aims to establish quality, continuous improvement, and innovation as a daily work culture at the university by ensuring that all university activities adhere to the standards of quality and institutional and academic accreditation. The deanship is responsible of providing effective support to all colleges and different university administrations to implement local and international quality standards in all academic and administrative processes and practices. This contributes to enhancing the learning outcomes, scientific research, and service quality.

The deanship closely monitors, through a reliable performance mechanisms,  the performance and continuous improvement of quality processes and skills development for programs, units, and university personnel, including academics, administrators, and students. This contributes to achieving the strategic objectives of the university, ensuring its leadership and excellence at the national, regional, and global levels.

The deanship adopts meeting the aspirations and desires of various university programs to obtain classification and accreditation from international bodies. To achieve this, it collaborates by exchanging experiences, insights, and leading practices with counterpart deanships, centers, and units inside and outside the Kingdom.

In conclusion, I extend my sincere thanks and utmost praise to His Excellency the University President, Prof. Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Muzail, for his continuous support and supervision of the deanship's efforts. I also express gratitude to the university's vice presidents, faculty members, administrators, and students who work on continuous improvement and development through their various tasks, contributing to sustaining quality and development at the university.

Allah is the One who grants success..

Dean of Quality and Skills Development,

Dr. Fares bin Saleh Al-Fares