An Overview of the Deanship

Since the establishment of Majmaah University in 1430, it has always been concerned about being one of the world top universities. This has been obviously manifested via applying the concept of quality in a comprehensive manner. As a result, the deanship of quality and skills development was among the earliest deanships that was established according to the resolution No. (9), dated on 3/2/1431. The primary objective of this deanship is to ensure the implementation of quality in all unit of the university, to enhance the performance of work in all fields, to set out systems that define how works are achieved with high quality, to evaluate and assess the performance according to defined criteria, to enable the university to compete locally and internally and to follow-up the work of all quality units at the university. The primary tasks of the deanship of quality and skills development could be summarized as follow: - To coordinate with the National Commission for academic accreditation and assessment and abide by its regulations and instructions. - To promote awareness among all the university employees of the importance of quality and the necessary strategies to achieve them. - To set defined and helpful criteria that help in achieving quality. - To provide all types of assistance to the academic departments and administrative units in quality matters and follow-up their progress. - To set the appropriate the strategies for training in education and assessment procedures in coordination with the university faculties and units. - To assist the university units and faculties in designing a program to enhance quality and assessment procedures. - To develop the forms used for making reports and study about the quality indicators, the forms related to program descriptions and the other reports that assist in achieving quality in all fields. - To evaluate the university graduates and others on regular basis to identify the quality of education at the university. - To communicate constantly with those benefit from the university services and inquire about their impressions and advice about the strategies of developing the skills. - To provide all the references for quality and accreditation. - To define main indicators for performance to be used in all the university faculties and deanships. - To prepare annual reports about the quality assurance and submit them to the university administration. These reports will present the main performance indicators based on the reports of the internal units of the university and the achievements of the deanship