Speech by Director of Public Relations & University Information

The Department of Public Relations and Information is one of the important departments in any administrative organization or official establishment because of its connection with all internal and external departments and the fact that it shoulders the responsibility of the establishment reputation and standing. Therefore, the department of Public Relations and University Information has shouldered its responsibility since the start of the University and played its role very well and joined everybody else in bearing the foundation responsibility and was in daily contact with all colleges and other deanships and departments making a connecting link between different parts of the University and its vicinity through the program of contact and communication in order to contribute in development stages and realize a number of achievements and overcoming the early difficulties such as lack of cadres, lot of work, lack of capability with no database or infrastructure. In addition to variety of responsibilities including provision of basic supplies for the University facilities and preparation and organization of occasions, meetings and various programs and reception of the University gusts and new students and introducing them to the facilities and handling all publications as well as creating a good reputation and prestigious position for the University at the information level and internal and external communication. The Department also aims at consolidating relations between the university employees to achieve good productivity and ideal dealing between them and considering the values and social standards and general ethics and job grade, thanks God we have been successful in many of them.

 We will continue exerting efforts to finalize the establishment of the Department of Public Relations and University Information to be an ideal example in the administrative organization and upgrading its services and responsibilities and organizational measures in accordance with the University's objectives, programs and organizational structure.




Director of public Relations and University Information

Mr . Nasser Bin Ibraheem AL-Yousef