MU, represented by the General Administration of Services (GAS) has completed implementing the programs of safe return to school which include transportation services and traffic safety, said the director of GAS, Mr. Moteb Al-Maymoni.

Regular maintenance and sterilization of university vehicles in all branches were undertaken, added Dr. Al-Maymoni.

The procedures also included providing transportation services to medical students, and the launch of transportation services program in Majmaah, Zulfi, Ghat, Remah and Hawtat Sudair. Over 55 residential areas and 80 centers across 4 governorates have availed themselves of the transportation services. All precautionary measures were implemented using the risk management platform to ensure social distance is exercised.

Mr. Al-Maymoni extended his thanks to MU rector, Prof. Al-Mizil and the vice-rector, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, for their support to improve the quality of services provided to students and staff.

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Wednesday, 19/January/2022