Dean of Graduate Studies welcomes vice-dean of Deanship of Quality & Skills Development

Prof. Abdullah al-Suwaiket, dean of Graduate Studies, along with the vice-dean for quality and development, Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Othman and the vice-dean, Dr. Bader al-Sulami, welcomed the vice-dean at the Deanship of Quality & Skills Development, Mr. Tawfiq al-Mudaiheem.

A meeting held to discuss several topics related to the quality of graduate programs and means of improving them as well as the possibilities of applying for academic accreditation. An agreement was reached on many issues which requires mutual cooperation from both sides.

At the end of the meeting, special thanks were extended to the efforts exerted by MU rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren and the vice-rector for educational affairs and supervisor of the Deanship of Quality, Dr. Mohammed al-Obudi, to obtain the university accreditation as well as other program accreditations.  


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Thursday, 08/October/2020