General Administration of Strategic planning conducts Workshop at College of Science

The General Administration of Strategic planning (GASP) qaccepted an invitation extended by the College of Science in Zulfi to conduct a workshop on how to prepare the college’s operational plan.
The workshop was conducted in the presence of the dean, Dr. Hani Al-Quhayz and some faculty members and staff.
The director of the GASP, Mr. Mohammed Al-Mashquor stated the main purpose of the workshop.
The Administration’s Advisor, Dr. Adnan Qitait presented the major themes of preparing the operational plan.
Mr. Nasser Al-Aqil, the director’s assistant, provided a detailed explanation of how to set up a matrix for goals and initiatives.
At the end of the workshop, the head of the operational plan committee at the college, Dr. Abdullah Al-Harbi, extended his thanks to the dean and all staff.
This workshop is among others scheduled by the GASP to other departments during the coming period.

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Sunday, 12/April/2020