Under the patronage of MU rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren, and on the international women’s day, a seminar was held by the Vice-Rector’s Office entitled “Empowering Women: Present and Future”.

The seminar was launched by a talk delivered by the vice-rector for female student affairs, Dr. Jawaher al-Omar, who focused on the importance of women in building the society, highlighting the efforts of the government in allowing Saudi women to be engaged in the development of this country.

Featuring several topics, the seminar began by a presentation for the vice-dean for scientific research, Prof. Huda al-Barrak, who talked about the important role of women in research and having an ambitious generation of researchers who can play a role in building this nation.

Dr. al-Barrak also reviewed the opportunities, factors and challenges facing women researchers as well as the role of MU in empowering women in research.

The second topic was addressed by Dr. Maha al-Khaltham, vice-dean at Deanship of Community Service, who addressed the significant role of women in sustainable development for local and international community service, making a reference to the role played by UN in supporting women issues. The talk also focused on the role of the Deanship of Community Service in empowering women and how women were allowed to participate in contests.

Dr. Abeer Ali, Assistant Professor in Administrative Information System, addressed the third topic which was about “women in finance and business sector’.  Highlighting the official statement of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, Dr. Ali explained the concept of empowering women in economy business sector. The talk was concluded by sharing some successful Saudi women who held leading positions.

The next speaker was Dr. Mashael al-Ahmadi, Assistant Professor at the College of Business Administration, and she talked about empowering women and social responsibilities. The talk featured women’s rights from an Islamic perspective and the Saudi law, the rights of working women and the support of civil institutions for Saudi women’s rights.

Dr. Laila al-Mutairi, Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department, talked about women in the technology world, focusing on the efforts of the country to empower women in technology field and the expectations to increase their chances of employment.  

The last topic was about ‘empowering women and quality of life’. Dr. Bashayer al-Rumaih, Assistant Professor in Educational Programs Assessment, focused her talk on a number of important topics such as empowering women, quality of life, efforts of the government and the speech delivered by the Crown Prince about women, MU as a member of UNAI.

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