Within the framework of cooperation between Saudi universities to exchange experience in various fields, a delegation of King Abdulaziz Univeristy paid a visit to the University of Majmaah (MU) where they were welcomed by MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Muqren, vice-rectors, deans and directors of administrations. The delegation included the KAU Vice-Rector, Tawfiq Al-Khayal and the executive director of the scientific endowment, Dr. Essam Khawthar.
The reception began by the university’s endowment director, Dr. Ahmed Al-Da’ayjani who welcomed the guests and expressed his gratitude with this visit which will mark the beginning of mutual cooperation between the two sides to sign memorandum of understanding.
Dr. Al-Da’ayjani commended the efforts exerted by both universities in endowment since the establishment of MU.
The executive director, Dr. Khawtha delivered a presentation about the scientific endowment at KAU.
Dr. Al-Khayal, KAU Vice-Rector, extended special thanks to MU Rector, Dr. Al-Muqren and everyone for the generous hospitality, commending the outstanding achievements of the university in different fields.
Showing interest for future cooperation, Dr. Al-Khayal extended an invitation to MU leaders to consolidate the partnership between the two universities.
MU Rector expressed his gratitude with visit and considered all Saudi universities to be real partners for MU in sharing experience and cooperation in various fields.
I hope this visit would mark the beginning of a series of visits between the two universities at the level of vice-rectors and deans to exchange experience in many fields, added Dr. Al-Muqren.
Memorial gifts were exchanged between the two sides on this occasion.
To introduce the guests to the university’s services, the delegation visited the Deanship of IT and they were briefed about the wide range of e-services offered to the university staff, most notably the intranet portal which features a quick access to all services.
The delegation then headed to the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development, and they listened to the university’s achievement in quality and performance measurements as well as the future programs to improve the university’s performance.
The next destination was MU International Rehabilitation Center for Prosthetic and Orthotic, where they toured the center’s different departments, which aims to be a pioneering rehabilitation center in sports and prosthetic.
A tour of inspection was also made to some of the university’s facilities and initiatives such as schools, e-learning mobile bus, e-learning mobile bus for people with special needs ‘Wusul’ and blood donation bus.
the last destination of the guest’s tour was the astronomical observatory in Hawtat Sudair where they were briefed about the observatory’s facilities and the astronomical dome and exhibition.

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