In the name of Allah, the Most grateful, the Most merciful. The University of Majmaah has rapidly developed since the establishment period and makes a lot of achievements which enable it to occupy a prominent position among other Saudi universities. The achievements of the university range were in various fields, most importantly the field of quality assurance and the fulfillment of academic accreditation requirements. One major contribution to this field is the completion of internal-assessment project which helped in identifying the aspects of strengths that will be tackled for improvement as a measure for applying to the stage of academic accreditation via the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation. The university efforts were not confined to that plan as it launched a number of initiatives that are likely to contribute to the success of the program. One very important initiative is the project of programs that are in compliance with academic accreditation which had a positive impact on encouraging the university academic staff to meet the requirements of academic accreditation. In addition, the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development in collaboration with representatives of colleges and deanships have created a framework of assessment for the performance of colleges and deanship over the last three years in fields related to quality of performance and the availability of infrastructure needed for obtaining quality. In compliance with the university striving to ensure a high quality of outcomes that will contribute in achieving the requirements of academic accreditation, the university has seen the dire need for a developmental project that will help in fulfilling these objectives. The recommendations of the report of the initial internal study which was backed by the recommendations of the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation were of paramount significance for the project. The project includes a number of major issues such as the development of institutional aspects and the promoting of quality concept. The project will cover all the academic units of the university and will be beneficial for all employees. This will help in making great achievements in the history of the university that will make it ready for obtaining the academic accreditation.

Director of the Supervising Committee of the Project

Prof. Mohammad Bin Othman Al-Rukban