Study programs and development Dept

About the department :

The Department of Academic Programs and Development (DAPD) is concerned about preparing, developing and approving the plans and academic programs to improve their quality to meet the demand of the market. It also develop the educational affairs at Vice-Rector office, colleges and deanships to increase the level of efficiency.


Maintain a high level of quality and excellency for plans and academic programs


Meet the demands of local community and national development via setting mechanisms and plans that help to establish academic programs with excellent educational outcomes according to the domestic and international standards.


1. Set transparent mechanisms and specifications to prepare, approve and develop academic programs and plans in accordance with national and international standards

2. Encourage colleges, in collaboration with deanships, to improve the efficiency of academic programs and plans to meet the academic accreditation requirements

3. Create manuals and forms and set the reference for preparing and developing academic programs to meet the objective of the University

4. Cooperate with public and private sectors and set a partnership with local and international universities to achieve high quality for academic programs and plans and meet the demand of market

5. Improve the educational affairs at colleges and deanships through following-up their strategic and executive plans and analyzing their reports

6. Develop the work of the departments under the Vice-Rector office to increase their efficiency