Message from the Director

Since its establishment, MU has always striven to main a balance between the unlimited support seeking national development, on one hand, and the need to keep a high level of innovation in the developmental programs, on the other hand. With this hard-to-achieve-balance in mind, MU has attempted to be selective in all its programs intended primarily for the national development. To that end, MU International Center for Rehabilitation Prosthetic and Orthotic was established with the aim to develop students’ skills in this major, raise public awareness, research and other tasks. The Center has embodied the successful partnership between public, private and non-profit sectors – a cooperation that would not have been achieved without the excellent leadership skills and strategic vision of the university administration. As we launch this center, it is imperative to extend our thanks to MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren for his unlimited support to all developmental programs at the university. Thanks are also due to Ibrahim Al-Sultan Charitable Institution for its contributions to the establishment of the center and to Enayah Company. The working team at the center along with all sectors at the university are appreciated for their concerted efforts during the establishment stage of the Center. Dr. Mazen Al-Ghatani Dean of the College of Applied Medical Science and Supervisor of the Center