Department of Professional Development

Vision and Mission

: Commitment to providing innovative, professional-level and flexible training solutions that are in line with the needs of individuals seeking professional development in the health field and providing them with professional, practical and positive educational experiences to increase their professional and academic opportunities. Partnership with reputable entities to achieve excellence.

Our commitment to achieve the vision through:

Helping individuals to define and achieve their goals.

Adopting the highest quality standards to develop professional competencies and provide effective solutions for organizations and human capital.

Maintaining an entity that is trainee-oriented by consolidating and strengthening the culture of partnership between to reach the highest levels of excellence.

Employ certified, experienced and bilingual trainers and consultants and evaluate them according to accurate standards of competencies and behaviors, as well as checking their intellectual ability.

Respond to any training requirements efficiently by maintaining quality resources, selectively hiring employees with the best qualifications and experience and interacting with trainees and market needs.

Adopting a modern training methodology that emphasizes the active participation of trainees and making them part of the training process.

Developing a business portfolio in a balanced manner that suits the company's strengths and helps exploit the most attractive opportunities.

Keys to success

Excellence in providing service.

Set realistic and achievable goals

Developing a training package based on the principle of S.M.A.R.T.

Maintaining an effective customer service that relies on service before anything else

Striving to create a unique customer experience

Measuring satisfaction and engagement to improve service

Solving problems quickly and efficiently

Listening to our customers and taking appropriate action.

To be innovative by keeping pace with changes by bringing in new ideas or new methods.

Maintaining effective communication by understanding the trainee's point of view and ensure that intended information is well received.

Maintaining flexibility by trying something different when we realize that what we are doing is not achieving the desired goa.

Training Courses: