Tasks of Medical Services

-    Provide primary health care in a prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation form.-

    Provide first aid treatment for cases in and outside the medical services such as fainting, renal colic, epilepsy and other.-

    Follow-up chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and asthma.-

    Provide first aid treatment to cases such as wounds, burns, fractures and transfer them to hospital if needed.-

    Transfer medical cases that require secondary care to hospitals.-

    Examine and report on cases of people with special needs.-

    Record patients' names of each clinic in special files or in electronic system for easy retrieval.- 

   Give vaccination against infectious disease for medical students prior their internship at hospitals.-

    Control of endemic parasitic and infectious diseases, and curb their spread.- 

   Promote health awareness through educational lectures and brochures at the level of individual, family and community.-

    Prepare a detailed annual report with the difficulties encountered and suggestions to enhance the work, and submit it to the vice-rector.